Theory of sperms:

Theory of sperms:

A war constitutes of many battles,

each battle is won by its preparation,

you may lose all the battles,

but one battle is all you need.

In one way we are all winners as crossed the finishing line first.

Kind of feel my parents punished me by giving me bad genes though.

So much more to say, but sure the thread would get locked lol.


I hope it doesn’t get locked up. It’s a basic thing in terms of we coming into existence,

It’s nothing wrong or to say,

there is nothing violent in this universally true phenomenon …

Yeah, nothing wrong with it, just coming into existence is all.

Nothing wrong with coming into existence.

First you come and then you go, coming and going, but first the most important part, coming.

Seems to be more coming than going actually, alot of coming is going down, always coming and coming and coming.

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Bwah!!! Yuck!!!

I have yet to think of myself as the sperm or the egg in that interaction. I didn’t feel genuinely “born” until post-infancy, actually.

My first states of conscious recollection probably started after learning to walk; my biological father told me not to try to stand on a swing, I made an attempt out of curiosity and fell off. Probably my first memory of all-time.

Not sure why I decided to try that stunt. Probably just trying to become more independent I suppose. Back then I really didn’t fear fatherly authority or obey father voices. My “step” family changed that up quite a bit; still trying to revert back to the past of fearing no man.

When you start to think for yourself is when you first make the fledgling attempt to be human.