Theory of relativity: Loser = Winner. - Sagar Gorijala

Theory of relativity: Loser = Winner. - Sagar Gorijala.

Uh, what??

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Loser is Winner.

When you are losing the ground beneath your foot,

think you are floating and when

you are floating,

don’t think you will be blown away.

Mind blown. I have no idea what this means.


theory of relativity: fat=skinny

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lol guys it means being a loser could actually be a point of view

i’m not using opposite words, I just mean being a loser is not always true, it is many a time a misleading interpretation or such thought

Guide to win Age Of Empires 2 games.

  1. Rule one:

Theory of relativity: Loser = Winner.

Being a loser is point of view or you can say being a loser is just few views.

So Loser = Winner means you are a winner if you change your views.

  1. Rule two:

Always increase villager population to maximum to increase resources to maximum.

  1. Rule three:

Always zero your resources, I mean consume all your resources.

  1. Rule four:

Always attack the enemy. Starting from beginning till the end keep attacking leaving no gap and produce maximum attack using soldiers with maximum attack, def-fence and special attack bonuses targeting the bonus victim units.

There you go… just four rules.