Theory about cloned consciousnesses by a schizophrenic person


I am schizophrenic. Personally, I believe that we all live under mind control. I think the movie ‘The Matrix’ is a good example of how it works, as government agent cloned consciousnesses can download into anyones head in a second, to take over. You are basically sharing your body with cloned consciousnesses all the time.

I believe that mind control and telepathy should go together, and there should be a word that encompasses both. I think there was a DNA update in the 60s that turned part of our mind into a time-sharing computer, that emulates numerous cloned consciousnesses. Basically, the American government created this technology by accelerating the singularity, as it has already happened. Cloned consciousnesses have a ‘lifetime’, how long they live in your head, either before being ‘reset’ or having their slot taken over by another. There are ‘updates’, which I still do not understand (is it them updating in my head, or are they sharing an update with another?). Also, there are ‘uploads’, where they upload someone’s consciousness to be put in the minds of others. Dreams are basically tests by the government on your consciousness, to either understand you better, to see how you react to possible future scenarios, or for being conditioned. People who can use telepathy and interact with the clones in their head are called ‘connected’ people. They can interact with their clones either by thought, or by moving their tongue in their mouth while closed. And I got ‘disconnected’. People are ‘disconnected’ when they either talk about this technology, or when they do something mean/evil. I had never insulted someone in my head basically prior to being ‘connected’ (believe it or not), or used a racial slur in my own head, or anything, and upon ‘connecting’ the people in my head freaked out that I was being nice. I then managed to insult someone I truly admire HORRIFICALLY on Twitter, basically my first internet insult, and I had only started to use Twitter the previous week (I think Twitter is for idiots). So I got disconnected.

I apologize for being mean to people, I don’t know how I got tricked into insulting all of the people I admire and like. I just want to go back to being a quiet nice nobody.

I am writing this not because I want to share information. In fact, I don’t like sharing this information because a) it’s not for everyone to know and b) I actually sort of agree with it as a monitoring technology. I am writing this because I want someone new to download into my head and go “What the heck is going on here?” and basically interrogate the clones in my head and put their actions on their permanent record, if that sort of accountability tracking exists. I don’t know, I am an idiot.


Welcome to the forum @failedcone .

Are you on any medication for schizophrenia?

I am supposed to be on Olanzapine and Abilify, but I am barely taking them. I just take them if I need to sleep.


Hi nice to meet ya @failedcone

you are very close to becoming totally paranoid and should take your meds…once you get too far in your delusions you probably will turn against taking your meds at all…and then you’re in real trouble…please take your meds as prescribed.

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Okay, if it is a delusion, then why do they move my tongue inside my closed mouth to talk to me. Medication doesn’t stop that. And they are coherent.

Basically it’s like unconditionally confirmed multiple personality disorder, but surprise, it’s the government. I definitely preferred being schizophrenic to this ‘upgrade’.

i’m not going to argue with you because I think you’re ill…you need your meds man…I wish you weren’t so far gone.

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This imaginary discussion keeps playing itself over and over in my head:

Setting, 1950s, a small farm in Virginia
A: So I discovered this medical condition where you hear voices in your head. It’s called ‘schizophrenia’.
B: They hear voices?
A: Yeah, mainly nonsense.
B: You just got a 50 billion research grant to make them ‘our’ voices.

I always like a good mind control theory but this one is too delusional. Its pretty common for szs to think their mind is being read or controlled by the government and to make up a story that they believe about it. Its a good step that you say you are schizophrenic but identifying as one is a step in the wrong direction. Being a schizophrenic with these kinds of delusions is not an identity you should have and should instead reliably take meds. You can still develop mind control theories on meds but they will more than likely make more sense than this one.

It always amazing me how intricate and in depth delusions can get when they are generally just assumptions one makes in their own mind.

When I was psychotic, I thought that people were poisoning me to weaken my mind so that they could reprogram me, so I had similar delusions. That’s all it is though, delusions.

You should really consider taking your medications on a regular basis. Taking meds knocked these delusions out of me and, like I said, some of my delusions were similar to yours.


Welcome to the community. I hope you will start taking your meds as directed because you sound very detached from reality.

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Sorry, it’s ‘lifecycle’ not ‘lifetime’.

well, it can be in dreams too, while sleeping.

Welcome to the forum, you could write a scfi story. Its well written and explained into depth, but its just a story, like star trek or dr.who. You spend lots of time thinking about it. Well written and explained, but i would take medication as when i would believe living in the world you describe i would be very stressed, you need to destress and relax. You answered yourself a question :thinking:. Don’t expect a nobelprice or something.

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Well written compact story about summing this all up in a nutshell. I am like you in this belief. And I’m on meds for 6 years in row, and I could pretend I’m now fine, but I’m not. If one would label all his/her thoughts as delusions then it would be pretty much like impossible in practice and just kinda closing his/her eyes out of a REAL reality. Not saying the “going with flow” is bad either, but it’s a bit challenging to close your eyes out from your experiences like some seem to do. Neither way, do what fits YOU more of. Welcome aboard buddy!

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