Theortectical situation

So you’re at a party at a friends house with people of all ages, from 18 to 55. You’re having a drink and by the weirdest coincidence ever your psychiatrist walks in with his wife to the party.
Do you:
A. Walk over and greet him?
B. Ignore him and avoid him all night?
C. Do silly stupid stuff with your hands right behind him to amuse the people in front of him that hes talking to and make him look like a fool?
or D. Spread rumors to everybody in the room that he is partial to sheep and goats in the bedroom and tell everyone that in college his nickname was “Pan” ( The half-man, half-goat in Greek mythology) ?

Hahaha I would choose D.

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Mission B. If mission B failed, I will opt for mission A.

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E. Wake up and mumble about having weird dreams where I would willingly go out and socialize. Blech.


F - I would introduce him as my drug dealer.