Theoretically speaking

I mean you may not care about sex one way or another but if the opporunity came up, wouldn’t you want it be good sex? I don’t put much effort into pursuing sex. For the last several years my philosophy is that “If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t it doesn’t.”

Occasionally, little incidents happen that peak my interest and stop me from giving up completely. I mean even asexuals admire a good looking person or appreciate a fit, good body (don’t they)? But, boy I sure do, even at age 59. And I’ve never had what would be called “great sex”. But I still cling to the idea of it. And then this. morning I was at the clinic getting my monthly shot and this really cute woman was giving me the shot. And she was nice too and laughed at my jokes . She was really nice and my reward for being nice was after my shot she was rubbing my arm with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and everything was normal but then she “turned it on”. I mean the sex appeal and all of a sudden she was doing it sensually, and standing close.

It happens to me occasionally but it was only a short moment and when I got back to my car I thought, man, if a woman can make giving a shot sexy, what the hell can they do if they liked you and really wanted to have good sex with me? I mean what are they capable of between the sheets if they really try? Well, I’ll tell you when it happens.

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