Then why did you ask me?

Shopping at a warehouse type store, I only had two items and the 4 the self check kiosks were empty. I scanned my stuff, slid my card to pay, then the worker came up to me to ask me if I wanted to pay with credit or debit card.
I said credit. She says loudly “we don’t take credit” To which I shot back “then why did you ask?” She went on to point at the sign above and say “it says right here we don’t take credit” I replied “but your the one that asked”
Then getting a hamburger only at a usually very good fast food place, picking up my burger at the drive through the girl asks me do you want catsup? No thanks I said. Then without missing a beat in an odd robot fashion, she proceeded to fill up my box with handfuls of catsup. .??
These were not the only two incidences of stupidity today, just the best.

Am I the last human on earth?


Thats the problem with society. Most people dont even use their brains in their day to day processes anymore. Mindless drones.


I sometimes try to snap them out of their comas.

If they ask me if I wanted to pay with credit or debit card, I just answer “yes”.
Or, if I order a hamburger and they ask is that to stay or go, I just say “yes”.

Or if I’m at the beer store I’ll say I’ll have 6 of xxxxx beer to go.

Anything that is out of the ordinary seems to do the trick.


Ever knotice the younger generation has no idea how to make change unless it says exactly what it should be on the cash register?

Once my total was $5.02 so I gave the girl $10.05 so I wouldn’t have to get $4.95 in little change. She had seen the $10 bill and opened the till to early.
After staring at the extra nickel for a bit, she asked with a truely puzzling look, “what’s this for.” I laughed until I realized she was serious. She gave the nickel back to me. I insisted she take it. She wouldn’t listen that it was to take the .02 cents out of the nickel, and give me a $5. Bill back.
She really couldn’t figure it out.


I like being a mindless drone at work. But every now and then I realize I’m not the most mindless stupid drone of them all.

I like to believe I’m human too. Lol.

The point is that you are out there getting a hamburger. I walked across the street today and bought a coke at a restaurant. I needed to get out.

No you are not the last Human, in fact, I think you are one of the few of us still left!