Their names


the main players: anna, jeff, pigface, brian, katie, Adrienne, lourie, Jessica, biff, josh, casey, brian 2, erin, david, joe, pete, diane, coach,

that’s 80% of em. some others like to occasionally chime in including morgan freeman. I don’t like morgan freemen.


I don’t name them. :wolf::wolf::wolf:


I don’t either, the voices I hear are people I know, have met, or have seen on televisioin. except for the witchdoctor, I don’t know where he came from.


Wow that’s a lot of them.


it was a lot. just trying to remember who I heard on a daily basis.

there was a couple girls I used to have a thing for until I started to hear their voice in my head. then I started to hate them.


Well that’s not good.:thinking:


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