Thee number of gene-therapy developers has ballooned from the 69 counted in 2014 to 255 today


“Informa Pharma Intelligence’s Trialtrove database records 729 gene therapies as having been developed, of which nearly two-thirds (461) were preclinical. Those therapies have been assessed in 1,855 clinical trials, most in early phases: 657 in Phase I, 509 in Phase I/II, and 455 in Phase II. As for later development, 89 have reached Phase III, 32 are in Phase II/III, and 28 in Phase IV.”


That’s good. Thank you for posting @twinklestars , I respect you.


Is there anything for us in there?


Yes that a question… is there any for us @twinklestars…!!!


I don’t know of any for psychiatric disorders yet.

But, they are working on other brain disorders.


Sz is complex to all sort of people … from scientists to generall people… they have to
Be serious about psychiatric illness…!!