The zombie ate my brain then put me in the asylum :(

so today i played the second round of Arkham Horror with a friend and i think i did ok. i kicked 4 monsters butts but the last 2 were together and i was lucky to survive,

the zombie took a chunk of my brain, my next move another zombie had popped up and i thought iโ€™d have a go at it but it kicked my ass and sent me to the Asylum :frowning: i guess i should have rested after the last fight.

My characters name is Monterey Jack and he is an archaeologist,

I got really stressed near the end bc it feels like we cant do anything, we are just going to get fkd up by the monsters until the main bad guy awakens and then we will just get beat.

the monsters keep coming lol


that is what you get

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Is this game set in the batman universe?

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Lol you tell em @Leaf

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Just checked - no it isnโ€™t in the batman universe but damn it looks like a good game

the game is set in Arkham, Idk if its anything to do with batman but i havent seen him or any of those characters,

@Leaf that hurt :frowning:

I want to learn if i can trade the monsters i killed to get my brains back, ionly have 1 brain token left of three lol

this is the board, dimensions are on the right
horror level underneath
the rules are extensive


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