The wrong reasons

There are videos of people online describing why they don’t want kids.

The two main reasons were because it isnt fun and because they will have more money.

What about the fact that your kid might be incinerated? Does that ever occur to these people? What about your child getting diagnosed with cancer to late right, and it begins to spread into their brains and they end up roaming the hospital completely insane from having the flesh of their brain eaten alive?

Money and it isn’t fun? What in the flying ■■■■ kinds of reasons are those in a situation like this?

And then the reasons to have them are ■■■■■■■ crazy as well. Most just say something like “because i want them”, well why you dam dirty ape, why?! I had one woman say she didn’t want to be alone, i wanted to break it to her that it didn’t matter much if she had kids or not because they weren’t going to be around much anyway, and how selfish is that right?

My brother said it’s because he wants someone to carry on his name, he loves himself so much, he is such an amazing person that he is willing to volunteer his own kids for this pain and doom just so there are still people here like himself.

The reasonings, oh how the faulty reasonings are burning a hole into my psyche.

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Wanna hear something amazing?
Some people actually had kids because they like them.
I know this for a fact because they told me this themselves, unfortunately,
It wasn’t my parents.

I myself would like to have kids, but on the other side, i am thinking if i am not going to be able to take my kids out to have fun, i am not going to be able to keep them happy and on top of that what if they cary this damn genes. I don’t want them to go through as i have went through. If there was a way, like some illnesses, doctors could take of the schizo gene, even if its costly, i wouldn’t think twice if i should have kids or not.

I have no kids. But when I was younger I wanted to have one or two. It wasn’t for the reasons you mentioned. It was just a ‘feeling’ that I had. I can’t describe or explain the feeling. It was just there. So when someone says," Just because I want them", I understand. But it went away. I think maybe it’s a biological thing that’s in-bred in our make-up. I’ve lived with kids since I’ve lived independently. About their only redeeming quality is that they’re cute. But a puppy or a kitten are cute too. I’ll take the animals.The kids I will tolerate because I have to.