The worst thing I ever did

I got hired to play the piano for a concert and didn’t show up. It was an obviously sadistic act and I laugh sadistically thinking about it. I was just too tired to care. I was not emotionally capable of taking any responsibility for myself or anyone else.


it doesn’t seem that bad?

The worst thing I did was being nosy about someone. =)

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I was critically nosy. Gosh, how did I turn out so terrible?

I think I am more friendly and helpful than nosy - but people like privacy =)

I remember hinting to a girl that she should get braces, not thinking that it would hurt her feelings or that her family probably couldn’t afford it. How rude! I was just jealous. I had braces on my teeth at the time. Wish my parents had said I looked good enough as I was, without them.

When I was a Park Ranger I accidentally got my co-worker fired. Poor guy was an alcoholic too. It was not intentional at all. I had driven alone into the park we both work at to empty 6 or 7 garbage cans. He had worked there the day before me and he had emptied the large garbage cans but he had neglected to put liners in them like we we’re supposed to do, so when I got there alone on my shift instead of just pulling out the whole bag of trash in a liner in one neat, smooth easy motion, I had to pick out each piece of all the nasty trash and garbage individually by hand and stuff it in a bag I had to hold.

If each can was lined as it should have been it takes about 25 minutes to load into my truck. But since it was a weekend and the trash was almost over-flowing it took me about two hours to empty the cans put new liners in and load it in the bed of my truck which fouled up my whole schedule of tasks I had to do on my shift.

The bosses rules were to report any incidents in the parks. So when I made my report I told her about the trash. At the time I didn’t know who had the shift before me. I did not report it out of malice or to get anybody in trouble. I was a little peeved. But I thought that the boss would excuse the guys mistake and just maybe lecture him for 5 minutes and that would be the extent of it. Well, they fired him and I was astounded and I felt bad. In my defense, there were other incidents with this guy before me. He came to work drunk sometimes and he did other stuff.

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That’s not something bad you did. You were not being irresponsible.

Hey I once stole a christmas tree…


Yeah, I suspected it was you. Give it back “young sprout”.



Yeah, that sounds like something done with a poor state of mind. I think doing something wrong is like how shopkeepers expect and plan for a certain amount of shoplifting as just inevitable. We’ve all done a few things wrong. It’s inevitable. Our anger bubbles over and acts out.

LOLLLLL =) that is so cool

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@Rhubot, I don’t understand the picture. What’s ONOZ?

It’s internet slang for “oh no!”

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I did WAY worse things that I’m nervous to talk about.


Most often you ask me what my worst thing is and I couldn’t tell you. I try not to think about it, but other times I obsess over little mistakes I made in the past that seem to come from randomness.

I think what we suppress about it the most is the angry, but joyful GLEE with which we do these acts.

@Rhubot @77nick77 @chordy

The family I took it from even had a little kid. I’m that bad XD

You monster…lol

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Do you still have it?

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