The worst part about painting

Is when you waste a whole canvas cause you didn’t like what you painted lol


I find the worst part is setting it all up and washing it all.

Oh yea and when I start to like my painting and then overdo it and it becomes more of a disaster by every minute lol

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Yesss… to that second part😂 it’s the worst!

I don’t mind the setting up and cleaning

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What kind of paints do you paint with? Water color, acrylic or oils?

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I use water colour paints because they don’t stain things…

What about you. Oil?

I find acrylic paints incredibly difficult

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Oh man, I’m the WORST with water colors!

I use acrylics☺️ Or at least that’s what I’ve been using the most… I hope to get good one day


When my friend hates her paintings, she takes a picture, then just paints over it.


I don’t paint but I second what NinjaStar says. I’ve even heard of people buying already painted canvases from charity stores as it can be cheaper than buying new canvases.

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The word ‘canvas’ derived from the word ‘cannabis’. Back in the day all canvasses were made of hemp

I use the back of the canvas sometimes. It doubles my number of painting surfaces . . .

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I hope to get back to painting too but because of abilify I cannot do it at the moment. It’s like it has completely taken it away from me

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