The worst part about being schizophrenic is dealing with psychiatrists

You would think that statement would go the other way around.

When you try to find a new psychiatrist they don’t accept Medicare. When they do accept Medicare it takes 3 months to get an appointment.

I wish I could just order abilify from a Canadian pharmacy without the hassle of dealing with pdocs.

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Can you get a Skype dr?

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Last I checked Medicare didn’t cover pdoc apps. I’m REALLY hoping that changes.

What I mean is a dr that will see you over Skype video phone for a consultation. If that’s possible you might have more choices

Medicare doesn’t cover it.

But thanks


I would think their would have to be a lot of pdocs in Chicagoland? Sounds absolutely ridiculous

Oh, and then they’re all surprised that the government spends billions of dollars caring for the severely mentally ill. Many can’t work, so they need government insurance. Psychistrists don’t take government insurance because the government refuses to pay reasonable prices per session, so now we have a bunch of people running around in psychotic, manic, and/or depressive episodes because they can’t afford their meds. Then, when these people end up in public hospitals and prisons, the government has to pay to completely take care of these people’s needs, meds, and psychiatrist visits for longer than they would have if they just paid the psychiatrists a reasonable amount in the first place (more people would end up getting well enough to hold down full time jobs and would no longer require any government assistance at all).


You have to go into the providers office and video chat for Medicare to cover it. Bummer!

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