The World's Gone Schizophrenic

A pandemic was sweeping the land and the only people surviving it were people who were exposed to viruses back when they were in the womb. As a result everyone on Earth was schizophrenic. People in institutions, and jails slipped past the dead staff members and tasted freedom for the very first time in years. But it wasn’t as bad as you may think. People who you’d never expect having it and who never took meds were in better shape then you may think and every level of society was still around. It was very difficult but 55% of newborns didn’t have it and the numbers improved over time and society eventually recovered after a very rough patch. Of course people who previously were passed over as daddies and mommies were snatched up and the PTA meetings looked very strange and school and work wasn’t quite what it was for a while. And much different approaches to schizophrenia were taken as most people understood what it was. There are blanks in this narrative you could fill in if you want too but I just wanted you to imagine such a scenario.

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