The World's Gone Crazy

Humans were always a bit crazy, we’re just medicated and see it clearly :wink:

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Sometimes I feel like there are people who are deliberately trying to mess up the world. They couldn’t have done a better job of messing things up if they tried.

I don’t follow news media

Sure has gone crazy

If you go back in time and look at all the history.
Example slavery Era. If all that ■■■■ was going on while we had smart phones and social media to document it. Everyone would be thinking even worse of the world.

Ah the social media Era where everything is seen.

My parents finally gave up watching the news. They said it feels great.

It’s good to check up on it once in a while though just not daily news shows :blush:

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I think that the world is just moving closer to a paradigm shift where the US isn’t the sole superpower. We are still a bit aways from that(if it does indeed happen. I believe neither party actually wants this even though they have different ways to go about it.). The violence you see is people attempting to fill the power vacuum. At least that is my belief.

I just believe on some level, the advancement in technology has led to a colder, less patient and more impersonal society.


…and Melanie Trump held a speech…

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I’m starting to think I’ve been put in some kind of trance by forces outside me - something like “The Matrix”. I keep seeing things that make no sense. They are, for all practical purposes, impossible. How could a psychiatrist from Tennessee know anything about me? But he seems intensely involved in my life. How could someone in a town thirty miles away be intensely involved in my life when I only go there twice a year? People far removed from my life seem to be intensely caught up in it. It’s really weirding me out. Why are so many people so emphatic that I be a certain way? I’m seeing other strange things too. I’m waiting for someone to wake me up and tell me it was a bad dream.

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I guess that is true, everything is becoming so fast that the younglings don’t even start developing the patience the elders took years to adquire. But I guess it was the same thing when the plough was invented.

The kids are on more restrains nowadays also, parents are worried out of their minds, with some reason I must add, and many end up with a life of going from school to home and from home to school, without many social interactions outside of that regimen adding to the fact that some parents are really busy to give to their kids the attention they need. I’m not blaming the fathers though, what I mean to say is just that the stories of growing up in the fields or even on the streets that I hear from elders, filled with adventure and freedom, are becoming extinct.

And definetively it’s a more impersonal world, nowadays if you have a problem with a bank, a company, the state, whatever, it’s really hard to find the face behind your problem, you just know the problem is there but can’t find the one responsible for it, it’s “the modern face of capitalism”, one you can’t really see. Probably this last part has nothing to do with what you were talking about but yeah, it’s something that really bothers me.

But heck, I’m just 23 years old, what do I know about the old days…


I definitely agree with the impersonal part. I do that with my business. Phone always goes to voice mail. Generally all communication done via email.
It’s more efficient


You seem wise beyond your years. But adversity can generate wisdom I suppose.

The essence of chaos is not knowing what will happen next… unfortunately that is the way of things.

If they’re fighters inside though, if they are human… the extension of all the efforts that got us here. Including yours… then they’ll be alright.

You’re a good comprehensive man. With your guidance they’ve got an even better chance.

Take care pat… the world hasn’t gone crazy… it always has been.


It’s always been like this in some way or another.

The end of days isn’t ■■■■…wait till the after party…hope you all picked your lucky gods and pray for their protection…only the wolves amongst us will wonder in the after…I feel safe under the all father Odin these are my delusions…IMA half breed…forgotten to time doomed to reincarnation for infinite lives…

If your nation is an empire that is crumbling (it may be true for the United States. It may not be.) take the following historical lessons into account. The Roman Empire still has an Italy remaining. The Persian Empire still has an Iran. The Napoleanic Empire still has a France. There is still an Egypt. There still is a Greece from Alexander the Great’s Empire. For almost every empire in history there is a remnant country left. The ideals of the Ancient Greeks of Athens were used in the Enlightenment and borrowed by the United States. Even if the United States fails some day the ideals will likely live on in one form or another and a remnant or perhaps several remnants will likely remain. Empires rise and fall but ideals and progress tend to go on. We have gone 70 years since the atomic bomb was used in warfare and have not used another one in warfare. It’s not as hopeless as it looks. It may seem better to talk about the end of times just like our lives will end some day but humanity and progress is more likely to keep going on unless of course an asteroid or wayward comet snuffs us out. But whatever killed the mighty dinosaur didn’t take out humanity and we tend to lose our perspective when all we see on the news is the worst thing that happened today.

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I wonder if Melania remembered to thank Michelle for “borrowing” her speech. :grimacing: Well, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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The world almost always been violent. Imagine the invasions of barbarians in the Roman Empire or the Catholic Inquisition or World War I or World War II…

More impersonal? Less personal interaction?

Not seeing the problem here.

Is that a symptom resurfacing?