The world works like this

Thanks a lot for your input
It’s just ■■■■■■■■ for people who have a kind and non-aggressive heart as they will always be in disadvantage.In order to play the game of surviving in this world,people need to learn and improve skills to play and stay in the game.It is a continuous process of learning and staying in it…

Staying in What , e(Y)e’m Being More Confused Within tha Confusion (!!!)

So, how’s your day been? :slight_smile:

Okay. Here’s the problem. If the question is “why are the poor not smart”, then there can be no correct answer because the question is based on a statement that is not correct.

I love Bonzai and Paz Lenchatin is an excellent bassist :slight_smile:

I feel ya bro… I deal with that kind of crap every time I hang out with my brother and his friends…

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:cry::cry:,Stay strong​:facepunch:

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The world don’t care how smart you think you are,
all that count’s is
Who you know & who you Blow.

Not in my world, but then again, no one else lives there.

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Jeez that line disgusts me… sad reality in some places…

Sucks I know a girl who I care deeply about… If she hasn’t already she’s going to be put in situations like that unless she’s wise…

If she were just to accept that is they way of things… and feed into that perverted undertone of society… Well that’s to far out of my sense of morality for me to care for her anymore… probably one of the very few points that would ever draw disdain from me…

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Intelligence is leveraged by opportunity. Wealth provides opportunity. I’ve met plenty of geniuses who are trapped by their circumstances.

If I were ignorant of modal logic, this would be a great opportunity for me to infer genius status for myself!

Wise as always, Pixel.

I am not a genius. I’m just bright enough to get into trouble.

hahaha if intelligence is measured by frequency and intensity of trouble involvement, then look out MENSA! Polymorphed is on the way!

Fun fact: Mensa (f) in Spanish (more recognised in Chile and Peru than elsewhere) means “daft”. I hope you enjoy true irony as much as I do :smiley:

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I had to say something…first of all ““When one has seen the end he also has witnessed its beginning”” Therefore making comments soley based on information is like saying a glass is really dry-frozen water. Not only could you be wrong…but you could wrong now…later…and tomorrow to infinity. Information is the child of intelligence…thus intelligence or intellect is really REGURGITATED wisdom…Wisdom is what you are born with(WHAT IS)…after all your MOTHER-MAMA is your first teacher even (MA)ster (MA)sons know this…Look man or girl…its nice to be smart and all but what it sounds like you are doing is venting maybe?? The DIFFERENCE between a stupid and dumb person is that ONE of them is actually TRYING to BE the other!! I will let you figure that one out…Also your comment on the caste system…is not correct …why? Because there is NO caste system…there are NO elite…there are NO poor.Now this is my OPINION so just remember not ONE person on this earth possesses the truth…for if they did we would not have this reality…anyways…its like this YOU or ME we are where we are because we put ourselves here…if you go to a beach and and stand on the docks you see someone on the shore enjoying being hit by the waves…so you want that and you go PUT yourself on the shore!! But now on the shoreline you see someone in a sailboat far away…OK so are they ELITE because you cannot reach the boat??..OR are they ELITE because they have a boat and you dont?..OR are they elite because their boat is BIG?? My friend, we are in this realm because our minds cannot fathom the original realms anymore…it is not about systems and emotions toward those who control it…thats why rich people and royalty do the same thing CROOKS do!! (They always have bodygaurds and security) Because they know they are a lie and that their life is a lie. Google it! (queen elizabeth) etc… Even the pope…has security at the vatican! Anyways it is PARAMOUNT that the intelligent man/woman does NOT get pride mixed up in their deciphering of thought …cause then all you say is a spectacle of dead rhetoric.This is all in the good intention of debate…About my comment on queen elizabeth under her throne there is a rock…that is the supposed rock that a certain prophet had a vision from GOD in the bible! Why is she sitting on it? Around her crown are special jewels of 12 representing the 12 tribes of israel or 12 zodiacs or 12 hours in a day or a 12 step program…it is whatever you MAKE it to be…whether through fear (ignorance) or adoration (if not own mother then EXTREME ignorance)…what you see is NOT real-what you KNOW is only what you feel-what you DO can only be corpereal-now what you DREAM that is another story.

Yo you should use paragraphs…

It’s a major sufferance to expect people to read through huge blocks of text. Use that ‘enter’ key a bit if you would.

We are all freeish people. The original poster on here lives in Malaysia, don’t discount that things could be different there.

Perhaps I was venting. Perhaps I was just trying to support the OP.

The average human being is still pretty damned smart. Don’t get me wrong on that. I was speaking dramatically. All the same.

Wisdom does not necessarily equate to intelligence nor the other way around. Intelligence its self has as many dimensions to it as there are skills and specialties in the world. Not a one of us can master it all, and we all find our limits of comprehension.

The elite vs poor thing is a separate issue. Individuals born to wealth have an extreme advantage over the lower class. The use of the term ‘modern caste’ was meant to imply the unofficial caste system of of the Upper/middle/lower class crap that we have today.

What really makes a person an elite type POS is their attitude towards folks who have not. So they have financing to whatever they please… they don’t have to be heartless about it… nor should they feel superior. There are a lot of folks out there that break that stereotype… but there are just as many who get off on the money and lifestyle they get to lead and use it as a social advantage… brutish self assertion at the cost of the dollar.

A boat and a bag of cocaine will pull in a lot tail.

any case… use line-spacing man…

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Okay, see, yes, but being the grandson of a plumber and a mechanic and my family’s been historically extremely rich and dirt poor all the same, at times in the same lifetime which lead to two suicides. I believe I have a unique view on our class “system” which is make it or break it. Okay, maybe being born into the top echelons of wealth are an advantage. Being born to upstart closet sumbags whose dirty secrets you’ve basically paid for from the beginning is not cool and is anything BUT an advantage. Just means they have the means to pay a bribe, DISadvantage before you can even blink is what this is.

But having befriended people of mostly working class or “blue collar” families and having known people in similar circumstances as my own, people who basically couldn’t move or breath but were born to wealth “I was NOT…just to people who considered their new “professional” class would prosper and we were told beget such” But social and political ties (what was considered “clout” in the Soviet Union" count as much as money unless you need to pay a bribe.

I’ve known happy poor and miserable people who didn’t ask to be born rich. In fact the Kennedy’s were known as a family who MIGHT give you a lobotomy…

Look if you have not noticed…this is not a grammar class,just people typing…I am not thinking “hey let me make it easier for this guy to read…” Cause to be honest I write epic poems …so I’m sorry if you knit-pic your books based on how the author shapes his paragraphs.I meet a lot of you types of people on you tube…always looking for attention from other trolls…but its cool.I type the way I type…read it or don’t this is the internet do whatever you want man.I was looking for a debate but it seems you have no fire…That’s fine I am 40years old I can slide and let it ride man.Anyone who is insulting on the obvious…my typing?? You the only one that has said something…wow ummm thank you? later

Why type if you don’t want it to be read easily.

Anyways I did raise arguments which you allowed to be overshadowed by my advice that you don’t just spit fat blocks of text at people.

If you keep typing like that I’m not going to be the only one who’s saying it.

I mean you’re not alone in this approach. I see all the typing on here as practice more or less.

Additional general piece of advice. If you’re a serious author. You might want to learn where the proper place to end a paragraph is.

Any case I’m just gonna let this go from here on out. Let’s both let it slide.

Ok, here we go again-
I am not going to say anything
Let it slide
Hold my thoughts from my finger tips
Stop my blocks when speaking to you
So you can read easier
Go on with your life
Doing what ever it is you do


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