The world’s oldest person made it to 122—3 reasons she lived so long, from a longevity expert who knew her

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Funny how they don’t mention genes.

After all, there are millions of people enjoying similarly good fortune, money-wise, who don’t smoke or drink, who exercise and stay mentally active. But they rarely live to 100.

Most super centenarians are clustered in Japan, France and Italy, countries well-known for their healthy food. So diet could also be a deciding factor, yet they don’t mention that either.


My grandma is 104, she’ll be 105 this july. She was born in 1918. She is an amazing woman, but has declined mentally over the last several years. Shes my fathers mother, but my father passed many years ago from a drug overdose, i was only 11. He was schizophrenic too. Anyway, i just wanted to share my grandmas advanced age. She has lived an amazing life.


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