The world just keeps picking on the sick kid

I’m the sick kid.

People don’t care

they never bother the well adjusted adult always the sick kid.

The people with life and ■■■■ together don’t get half of what I get on the roads and stores.

Truly a sad day.

In society.


What have you got apart from sz and how old are you ?

Society isn’t going to change.

You’re going to have to come up with some better coping skills.


Interesting you refer to yourself as a kid.


People and society suck - so i stay away from them.

There are good people who care though.


Funny how in the 2000s and 90s society didn’t hate my guts.

What’s changed?

Every since the begining of the 2011’s everythings changed and now I’m the most hated man in the world!

I’m 41 so I been through quite a few changes in society

I remember when I was driving my car in 2005 I accidently left the gas cap on the car this guy really got out of his car just to tell me my cap was on the car. it’s funny how i didn’t throw the cap completley off the car. Nowadays that doesn’t even happen instead they would try to get the cap off my car so I lose it.

It’s situations like this where I know I’m not the problem it’s just that the ass hats in society have grown so much. so you can’t really preach to me about society being awful because there was a time society was much more better mainly the early 90s or 80s. there were less ass hatery.


society has changed so much bro.

espically towards me.

during the turn of this decade somehow being a dick to me is commplace.

in 2005 nobody really bothered me and I could live life in peace.

I dont want to relate but there is a famous saying,
“If the world picked-on you, remember that it picked-on me first."
Try Falling in love with society, the secret is they will never have a clue, its a bonus for me plus my mind.
Somethings are always unsaid but just understood.

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being a recluse for ten years didn’t help either.

Maybe there’s hope for me.
Just gotta stop doing the stupid ■■■■ I"m doing.
keep on keep on fighting the good fight and maybe things will turn around in real life eventually keep on hammering the rock and maybe diamonds will come out.

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Well, nevermind.

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