The World is in a bad shape, but dont blame on GOD

If you all believe that humans started from 2 species. everyone’s DNA relates to one person and that one person, the Bible names Adam, and if you want scientifically prove, you can search " searching for Adam" on youtube. Our for fathers didnt have illnesses.

God did not create Technology, Pollution, GMO foods. and all of this things contributes to illnesses. Technology made things kills so many people in one day that natural causes can’t compete. so I don’t blame on God, I blame the technologically advancement the world is going through.

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I’m not blaming it on God, and maybe our “Fathers” didn’t have illnesses, but I surely see all kinds of illnesses in the plant and animal kingdoms.


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When it effects humans it can as well effect plant and animals

We are Noah’s descendants, and Noah is Adam’s descendant. (Correct me if I am wrong)
In fact, the one to blame on is the invisible ruler of the world. Guess who? Satan the Devil.

" god , where are you god !?! "
take care

If there ever REALLY was such a person as Noah or Adam. I can buy the story until someone starts talking about a talking snake.
But I do agree that humans have messed up this world themselves without any outside help from any so-called deity.

Who is blaming God? Most things are man made, including the biblical version of God - who do you think wrote the bible? aliens? No. a bunch of delusional sexist old men - that’s who


I think our world has been in bad shape since the dawn of civilizations if not before hand. But then I view these Biblical stories as metaphor rather than historical fact as do the Christians who raised me ( I am not Christian).I believe we are animals who evolved to be what we are today. I also believe that others are free to believe as they wish and I respect that.

But I don’t believe there was a time, while we were on this earth anyway, when there was no disease or war or other evils. I believe we have always thought our world to be in bad shape.

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It was so since our ancestors lost the Garden of Eden…

I don’t blame technology either… I blame this cultures use of it. Technology is what made heart transplants possible, the meds I use, this computer I’m on. Technology also made it possible to grow food in previously hostile soil types…

It’s how tech is used. Do we really need an app that will turn the air conditioning on in our home when we’re on vacation half a world away? Do we really need an app that will tell us what the weather is like… outside… right now? I’ve watched my brother fiddle with his phone for 10 minutes to find the app to plug in numbers to hold up the phone and say… “The app says it’s raining right now”

I know that, I can feel the rain on my head. I knew it was raining 10 minutes before you… that is why I’m standing under shelter and not getting wet. But he was so consumed with his phone… he ignored his other senses. That is when I think tech is a problem.

I don’t blame the existence of tech… I blame how it’s used. There are nations that have a more balanced relationship with tech then us in the states.

My brother always say… “If you don’t know tech… your going to be left behind”

Really? is that why I got out of the rain 10 minutes before you and I’m still dry? If I loose my phone, I can still get from point a to point b.

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Good point. Same to money itself is not evil, love of money is.