The world has become safer

From my apartment I see many people walking such as some young children with their caretakers. These people are in the kindercarden and they all wear bright green safety vests. I recall when I walked alone to my kindercarden in the early 1970s, I had no vests and I even lost one of my mittens when I threw snowballs to waters near my kindercarden. People are much more safety oriented nowadays.


If you think about it, there were less cars and no idiotic texting drivers in the 70s. The world was safer back then. People took care of themselves and others (for the most part), they were less self-involved. Now everyone is ME, ME ME!

I also think some of the ‘safety minded’ things are out of control. child proofing homes? please, scrapes and bumps are perfectly normal for children. In my opinion, you don’t have to but little plastic locks on toilet seats and corners of furniture. WATCH YOUR CHILDREN, and teach them what not to do.

We are a lazy society and that is why we are more safety minded now. The world is much more dangerous when everyone is too lazy to pay attention.

Just my thoughts…sorry that was a bit of a rant.