The World Federation of ADHD International Consensus Statement: 208


Did the content of what was written in the long article led to knowing the name of the cause (the pathological factor) that caused the ADHD or /the disorder or / the disease or even the diagnosed symptoms which are called symptoms of schizophrenia ?

I am a single man,as I say, and challenging the goals that the article makers seek to achieve

It is impossible to achieve any goal unless you first know the essential nature of the condition as it as in its reality without doing any mistake !
The endless speaking about the diagnoses or the results of treatment do not led to knowing the essential nature of the madness condition in the 20’s of age or the cause who is causing the changes that precede the disorder existentially and causing it functionally !

The phrase “treatment of schizophrenia” is used in the medical articles to implant in the reader’s mind the concept of healing (cure/recovery ),as if the treatment term is means recovery from the schizophrenia ( hypothetical disease )

As if every disease is treated medicinally,the cure is guaranteed OR the cure is just a foregone conclusion OR as if the cure is an inevitable result

The means and the end (purpose )

  • the treatment is the means(method ),while the cure is the end

The death and the life
two phenomena that do not meet in one citizen at the same time
A citizen’s condition should be one of the 2 options and never combine them .
,Like that, the disease and the cure

From what is read in the media
It is understood that ,the misleading opinions strive with all efforts to plant a false impression in the mind of the general reader,and falsely claim that the current treatment of sz causes recovery from it ,while the reality of the citizen’s condition - and no matter how mach improvement or decrease in the severity of the symptoms may be,whatever type of medicine,dose and duration of treatment ,the schizophrenic factor (H) remains embodied ontologically in the psychological nature of the citizen and accompanies him until his death !

Those with these extreme views forgot that ,now, they are still living in the era of experimental treatments ,which has not yet reached a satisfactory result
Until now, they do not yet know what is defect,change, disorder or the pathological factor,If treated,will be completely cure the sz