The word therapeutic

I love the word therapeutic. It’s just what I need. I like therapeutic situations. It is very helpful with people with mental illnesses. My psychiatrist is very therapeutic. This site is therapeutic. I just looked up the definition of the word just to make sure I knew what the word means. Lighting candles, also good smells from candles, taking a hot bath, things like that make me feel better. Also music is therapeutic.


@Jake which medication are u on… i am on respridal and seroquel …

I’m on abilify, clozapine, Lexapro, and klonopin as needed.

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Do u hope to work one day…i am just jobless…cant work…my cognitive and negative symptoms are worse…f.u.c.k this cruel life …i dont wanna live…??

I think about working a lot. But right now I know I can’t handle it.

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How do u spent ur day jake…i do nothing… i was never medicated at time… i have never work in my lifetime…i hate life… @Jake who do u live with…i live with mom and dad… they love me …

I pretty much have nothing to do. I just got a new friend but I still am not even close to having enough to do. Because I hang out with my friend either once a week or once every 2 weeks. I live with my dad. My mom just passed away.

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it’s a Greek word. beautiful

First, I want to say that I’m sorry about the loss of your Mom. Time plays an importantly therapeutic role in getting through the associated feelings. If you believe in afterlife, then you’ll find ways to ‘listen’ or ‘feel’ the various ways your mom communicates with you from the other side. That would be therapeutic, in some instances it would be even more than therapeutic.

I was drawn to your post by the great title. Therapeutic resources and energies are diversely vast and range from ‘mild’ to ‘powerful’ in their therapeutic abilities. Contemplating and considering what is therapeutic [and what is not] increases our conscious contact with the amazing therapeutic energy. Have a therapeutic day. And that’s a great day.

thank you I hope you have a therapeutic day!

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@Jake I’m sorry about your mom.

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