The word "Likewise" (Not very deep)

I really don’t enjoy hearing this word from people. I don’t want to make this a complaint session, no one has said it to me lately, but oh do I loathe this one.

On my last job when my bosses changed, and I knew my time there was limited, my new boss called to “introduce himself”. At the end of the conversation, I said “It was nice to meet you”, which felt a little clumsy because we hadn’t exactly met, and his response to me was “Likewise.”

Maybe I’ve just had a bad experience with this word, or perhaps it truly is a stealthy way of saying FU to people.

likewise was a compliment. It reflects total empathy for whatever was said. I would feel good about it if my new boss said that.

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My parents were both born in the late 40s. They really hate “no problem”. For some reason. I don’t get it. I’m as Old a soul as they come but no problem is fine with me. I only listen much to music from their generation but have no problem with no problem. They take exception to it every time they get to. I’m a REALLY REALLY open person and Think I’d be accepting of Any slang. I’m way more open minded/accepting/liberal than my parents have ever been so I think I’ll adapt with the times well

Maybe I just don’t hear it enough to know it’s meaning. I think in this context he just wanted to say something really brief. And maybe sarcastic too?

no it’s a non sarcastic phrase…sincere and complimentary.

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Likewise I agree…haha

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I guess the context was stressful. I felt pressure to leave, but my folks were persuading me to stay on. It’s one reason I have a big gap on my resume and am having trouble getting back out there.

Maybe you like this better?

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No that would irk be pretty badly. But yes, that’s how “Likewise” feels when you hear it. Glad you can see my side!

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