The women semed so much happier than the men

When I was in college in the 60’s I ate in the dining hall. The first year, the dining hall was all women. The second year, I was in a dining hall that was almost all men. I could not help but compare the two. The men were not as happy. Don’t forget, the draft still existed then and it was before the large scale rebellion against the war in Vietnam. I’m sure the only reason the women seemed happier than the men was because of the prevailing idea that males are only soldier meat and there might be little future for them. I mean who can be happy with that?
Progress has been made but we’re still far from seeing that war is not an option to civilized people.

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Looking at my dad, I think men back then were not such social beings. Work was the only thing important to them, so their minds were always drifting apart somewhere.

A statistic says that in the history of mankind there has only been a total of like three days of peace with no wars anywhere in the world going on. I don’t think anything is going to change when it comes to human conflict.
Maybe there’s no such thing as civilized people.

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The definition of civilized - at an advanced stage of social and cultural development.
It’s a moving thing, we could be moving toward more civilized.

I thought if you were in college you could get a draft deferment.

I think you could but it wouldn’t help you any after you graduated.

I was joking about being civilized. But mankind has been making advances in civilization all along. That’s just the way it works. It hasn’t stopped war though.

I mean with all our technology today, all our knowledge, all our great strides using diplomacy, wars are still going on. We will still make strides in technology, science, psychology, the arts, knowledge of the universe etc. but there are ingrained hatred between religious groups or nationalities or ethnicity’s. Too many groups have a history of hatred and bad blood and they ain’t going to change so when tensions build up in places like the Middle East all the emotions spill over and turn into violence regularly.

The problems with wars is that some people aren’t bothered by them and they don’t want to change. The rumor I heard about George W. Bush is that he planned on starting a war with Iraq or Iran before he even took office. Iraq or Iran had embarrassed his father and he wanted revenge. But true or not, that’s how arbitrary starting a war can be. Certain groups want to dominate other groups and invading or attacking them seems perfectly fine to them.

Sure we have great men who advocate peace and do everything in their power to achieve it. But when one hot spot in the world gets defused there is always another one to spring up someplace else.

I find two reasons for war. !. weak leadership 2. revenge of those hurt by wars of the past.

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