The woman in charge of the mail won't let me get mail that I need

This woman expects everyone to beg for basic stuff. One time I had a substantial cut, and she wouldn’t let me have antibiotic ointment for it. Now I have ordered $120.00 worth of bed bug poison, and she won’t let me have that. Is withholding mail considered a crime? I don’t want to cause her problems because she is under pressure, but I don’t want to lose $120.00 worth of goods. Is withholding mail seen as a crime?

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Yes I am pretty sure that is a federal crime. :bird::bird::bird:


I think so…You can’t mess with someone’s mail.

Yeah, I agree. I think that it’s against federal law. Subject to imprisonment.

She shouldn’t be working there. She sounds crazy. She could only withhold it, if you didn’t pay a bill.

Hmm. . .

I Agree With Everybody Else, Well…, Not Everyone, Cause, Well, Not Everyone Is Always Right.

IDK though. If she just gives it to you late I don’t know if that would count as a “crime”.

Here you go:

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