The wise words of a world renown philosopher


He had his eye on the ladies. Lol.

In other words, he’s a guy.

This is such a sad comment. I don’t find it remotely funny just pathetic… To reduce a pursuit of truth about reality to sex. And what of all those other renowned men and women philosophers?


When I first read Being and Nothingness I thought it was disorganized schizophrenia. After studying a few lines seriously I found that they did combine into sensible ideas. I wonder about this style of writing which is in form and content very individualistic, a basic tenet of existentialism, that it is antagonistic to what can be called clear corporate communication. I have wondered about James Joyce and Sigmund Freud, and others, writing what by appearances is sz nonsense and wonder if this is a mode of thought that is individualistic or actually dissent towards something social. I’m not a historian so I’ll settle on mode of thought, but as per this comment regarding his motive for philosophy it looks like a cynical view of himself but also at the same time not an unflattering comment towards women that, at least some, are attracted to philosophy. He could have said he pursued philosophy despite a desire not to be ignored by women, which I think would be worse.

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I was never in to Sartre. I read his stuff but I couldn’t relate to his writing. Camus on the other hand really made an impact on me. He wrote about the human condition and on existence in a way that resonated with me.

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I just recall reading Nausea. And it seriously depressed me. And his misogyny. Camus was a delight to read as a young person. Extremely alone and isolated. I used to write down poems on post it notes and stick them on the back of bus seats as inspiration from Camus. Kafkas writings were also deeply present in my mind as a young person. I loved the Castle.


I guess part of the depression was having no choice but to relate his writings to my own ‘condition’ of being gendered female. Though I was always pretty androgynous. Anorexic. Shaved my hair off. Didn’t identify with other women. So made it harder reading. To have to somehow search for my own identity beyond gender…


My comment didn’t have the necessary inference I wanted it to that the fact that being individual is central to existentialism, his making of a cynical remark about pursuing philosophy is not out of step. Cynicism underlies individualism, and that cynicism is reflected in his other writings: ‘hell is other people’ is a basic expression of that. Obviously a cynical motivation for doing anything is ‘sad’ but it is this realization of the sad nature of people that keeps us critical, and skeptical about others and what they say and do.


I’ve heard this before. I just don’t remember where?

No Exit!


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Yes, now I remember. Thanks!

It is interesting as I think it’s been mentioned that psychotic thinking is on the reality of other people and not objective things about the state of reality aside other persons. Maybe the statement hell is other people redirects the mind to other realities beyond human. Or perhaps not. Maybe wasnt his intention. But has me think of flatlands.

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I might have lady parts, but this is funny. What greater truth is there than the innate desire for sex?

I’m really over women who think they’re being criticized at every mention of sex. Some people want to feel damned.

I just think it goes with the dogmas attached to darwinism. Reductive thinking.

A huge part of my life ive had no desire for sex.

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Please, stop making my point.

I’ve definitely had psychotic thinking that was not about people, but yes most psychotic thinking is about people in some capacity I would say. Definitely ‘hell is other people’ would try to deflect the mind away from the social sphere and into the realm of essences, and abstractions that is not found in clear corporate communication.

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