The wise one is muy jealous

We’re polar opposites me and he.

He hates where he is at to compared to me and mine.

I can see why. He’s standing there waving his hands around like “you are heading right for that cliff! Turn back you idiots!” and he says ■■■■ like “we’re building a house here, you have to make the foundation out of certain things! you built it upside down and made the most important parts the least important!”

And there i am, the foolish one, just smoking and listening to music. I go “Huh? were you saying somethin? did if forget somethin?”

Dudes jealous as ■■■■.

Sorry wise one. Very sorry actually. It really looks tough what you are doing, really tough. maybe just let them screw it all up and then when they hit bedrock they’ll turn back? I don’t know, im a fool.

They’ll never listen wise one. Come hang out for awhile, we got stuff over here that can make you forget, you’ll love it. What a load off that will be eh? Poor wise guy, light years ahead and no one even knows it.

You want a beer? Smoke and a pancake? Keg of whiskey perhaps?

Here is a good one wise one. Loads of really awesome and professionally performed gibberish, gotta love that.

Just turn it off and hear it for a moment. I mean i hope you get elected and all but you now it won’t happen.

So just feel the gibberish for a change.