The Wise Man Says

The year is 2028

A homeless camp in Chapel Hill North Carolina…

A weathered and bearded man in his 40’s sits on his rock by the river as the peepers peep the night away. This wise man says to no one in particular, why? But then, he knows why for he is a wise man. He knows the ins and outs of human nature and why society is the way it is. This is a rhetorical question rather, posed to the frogs and the night and the great stars above…why? Why am I, the wise man, sitting upon this rock in this camp of bums taking my poison pleasure from this glass stem?

Why? Why has the wise man been relegated to such primal circumstances? Such a humble, earthly and frankly trashy existence? But of course he knows why. He would love to blame this on many things, but of course he feels no ill will, he lays no blame upon the shores where most would heap the stuff. People will be people of course, this will always be true. But so much promise they said, could have had everything going, but lost, but then the loser is the wiser in a world in which we strive for what we strive for. The loser is the wiser…“hey bob you got any more chore?”

Is it true the wise mine is envious of me?

He envies the fool?