The wisdom found in rap music

Deleting this…

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I was just listening to this the other night, so good

Love this one

I just hear a bunch of profanity and mangled English that glorifies boozing, crime, and general violence. Not at all sure what the attraction is. Can’t see how listening to it promotes any sort of improved mental health.


its more creative rhyme scheme and beats and the flow that sounds cool

I’m looking at it as a family man and parent and, frankly, find it horrifying. The ‘wisdom’ you are praising is, essentially, evil. Healthy, productive people don’t think and behave that way.


yeah but they glorify the gang lifestyle , its sensationalist story telling . doesnt really matter though I still enjoy it.

if there is wisdom to get out of this, it is to get away from the gang lifestyle as far as you can.

it does paint a picture of growing up in a poor area and looking to survive and make your own way or die.

but then again where i live theres lots of middle/upper class people into the gang scene as well

I do Rock ‘n’ Roll Tarot. Which is to say, I know the old rock songs, and I have a couple rock stations in mind. I turn on the radio, and the lyrics speak to my immediate concerns. With Wisdom!


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I would call it madness, not wisdom.

I think that rap and hip hop would be the perfect style to protest with.

It would be perfect to protest war with, to protest inequality, poverty, shady politics, greed, things like that.

It’s potentially a gold mine of activism in my opinion. Imagine what it would sound like for a second, it would be powerful in that way because of how it sounds.


like this one

This speaks to me more.

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If this is evil then my name is Fredicus Black.

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