The winter of discontent

I lodged a complaint against my neighbor last night. I tried to keep it rational. My only mistake was I told the property manager that the guy does lowlife stuff. But I explained the best I could; the games, the threatening behavior, the following me from room to room above me in his apartment; the control and power issues. The fact that it’s been going on for quite a while. I even mentioned that other people say it’s no more than an annoyance, I told her it’s actually serious.

I have no idea how she took it; I didn’t hear from her today. Hopefully the harassment will end now.

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Good wishes, Nick.

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Sorry to read what your going through. I Can Not live an apartment building, condo, or town home – haven’t been able to for 2 decades. I ended up buying a mobile home in a trailer park about this time last year. The space rent is about the same as HUD Housing and I don’t “hear” anyone and they don’t “hear” me, for the most part.


I hope it works out. You’ve held up better than I have.

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