The wind makes them worse?


does the wind make your voices worse really spooky one was just calling my name ive never had that before the uk is having a storm and i really dont like it.


i hear my voices a lot trough audio. music.
yet some them are well by a shadow organisation


no actually dandy, my voices r pretty infrequent today. busier now coz i’m not doing a lot but i don’t think it has anything to do with the storm. they’re always busier at night for some reason, and first thing in the morning.


the wind makes me feel wierd/crancky, it affects horses alot, not cattle.
it is really windy today, so i am trying to keep it together !
take care


I’m good in wind. I sort of like it. I just found out that too much fog will do me in. Visual and audio hallucinations galore. So a day of fog, OK. Five days of fog? I’m out of lucid town.