The Wild Ride (dating)

Ever date a person that took you on a roller coaster ride, where you argue right from the start but you can’t pull yourself away. They get on every nerve and challenge everything you believe in?

I did once, told myself 100 times not to call her after the first date, but she had me hooked, It lasted 6 months, we argued everyday, even during sex LOL, Never been on such a ride.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat…

Made me think of my ex-gf and I. I suppose that’s the chance I took dating someone with borderline personality disorder. I didn’t know she had that when we met, but I had it figured out within a few weeks of dating. A roller coaster ride to say the least. Never again.

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I don’t know, even though it was a rough ride, the passion that was there was off the charts, hard to explain

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Well, the woman I was with also did all she could to undermine my confidence and self-esteem, had me feeling like I was awful and couldn’t do anything right. She could administer a verbal and psychological beat down like no one I have been with.

yeah much different than mine

I went on my first date about a year ago. She was really cool but i blew her off and she even texted me arter the date wondering why i didnt make out with her. Im an idiot.

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Yes and I wouldn’t do it again. No thanks.

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