The Whole World is Coming At Me

Even the blades of grass are pointing accusingly at me.

I can’t solve these cryptic messages and feel on a deep level that I must die to solve the riddle.

I’m seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow and I’ll discuss this with him.

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I hate when I start getting bad and it makes me think I need to die to solve a problem. It’s a miserable confusing state to be in.

Hope your doctor is able to help.


I feel I can’t be alive when it all breaks…that too many people would get hurt.

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No, the whole world is coming with you.

And the nasties can’t stand it.

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Or you must die to be reborn, in a spiritual sense…I’m not promoting any religion, because they have it wrong, except maybe buddhism.

Anyways, you could be traveling down a path not conducive to your soul, and your subconscious is urging you towards a death and rebirth of your spirit? To promote positivity in your environment…encapsulate your self with a better energy from within you.

I think we are all on our own journey of fulfillment and destiny. And secretively, I have a sneaking suspicion that love is the only thing we can bring with us when we die.

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Thanks @OTRA

The Radio airwaves are full of love right now tonight as I speak. I know many people wish I was dead, but I believe there’s a vocal group that wants me to see it all through.

I have to believe in that.

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I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time @Patrick. It’s good that you’re seeing your pdoc tomorrow. Please let your pdoc know exactly how you’re feeling and the thoughts you’re having. Sending you hugs.

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