The whole month of January was terrible!

I’m glad it’s over. I caught a cold so stayed home for 30 days complete.

I couldn’t exercise etc.

A good thing is I ditched my vape. I am completely nicotine free. And hopefully, this will be the last time as it makes a lot of wrinkles and I’m taking such good care of my skin.

I went to the gym back again today and ready to continue my life.


Sorry to hear you were sick. I was sick for the first two weeks of January. It felt horrible. It is good you finally quit nicotine for good. I still vape but cigarettes are becoming a thing of the past. I hope next month will be better for you.

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Good for you. Id like to quit vaping one day too. Was it difficult ?

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The first few days were difficult but I had a big motivation because I am too fond of beauty. Then the first two weeks I felt like something was missing. It’s been a month now and it’s final. Skin more important.

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