The white haired lady

The white haired lady, I keep seeing her in the house. I’ll just be sitting on the couch when all of a sudden she will lean around the corner, and stare at me. She even steps out and stands there–just staring at me. She never says anything but when I ask her what, she walks away behind the wall or through one of the doorways depending on where she came out from…
This is new, how fast is risperidone cycled through the body? Or does that mean it’s just not working? I miss the occasional dose but is it that quickly reactive or deactive?

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Not sure about the Risperidone, but try to find out who the lady was/is. Get a name to greet her properly. Was it her home? Or is she just visiting? Try setting out a glass of sun tea with a mint sprig for her. Ask her if she is hungry. Make a special chair for her to sit in, then ask her politely to go home-through the portal, to the other side. You can ask as often as necessary, but be polite.
By this time, your meds should have kicked in.


its not a good idea to miss doses. You might be hallucination free if you did not skip on your meds

Yeah, they have said it many times, “we’ll go easy on you if you take those pills.” Reverse psychology? Who cares, im not going back to psychosis if anything works at all.

Ask her why she tries to trick people? Be careful though, she might get pissed off at you if you know that death is real.

It’s like they say “they will believe my lies or else!” Not really much to gain in knowing they lie i guess, they just hurt you if you know.

Is she wearing old clothes by any chance? What a simple trick that is, why couldn’t we see it sooner! Really gives you that ghostly feel doesn’t it.

Just tell her “i know you aren’t a dead person. We need the truth, it’s going to mess us up if we don’t know it, as in any situation you must know what is so that you may do it right.”

Luckily, I moved back in with my family and no longer see the white haired lady. I am now on 4 mg risperidone, and fairly stable about taking it. Only extenuating circumstances cause a missed dose, like while watching a friends house I didn’t bring enough with me by accident and went two days without. It was horrible. So I try and stay mindful, and fight the urge to not take it. It is strong sometimes…

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