The Whaler

My lover’s arms
They beg me to stay
I know the storms
They will sweep me away

My daughter’s eyes
They are two tiny seas
Whose water will rise
Then run down her cheeks

Father, where do you go?
So far out upon the sea?
When are you coming home
To me

Darling, why do you leave
As the north wind begins to blow?
Will you be coming home
To me

The boat and the blade
They are all that I know
The sea calls my name
And so I must go

While they still sleep
I slip out the door
But how can I leave
When my anchor’s ashore?


Good poem ----------

I know he’s not schizophrenic, but this is the creativity part of the forum, and this song is inspiring.

Doesn’t have to be. A break from schizophrenia is refreshing. I do like it.

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