The Weekend Cleaning

I’m still in my PJ’s and have already did a load of laundry and the dishes are almost done go me!!!

Are you doing chores today !!!


I never do chores. I leave them all for my dad.

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Probably. If not, then tomorrow. I need to clean my floors. But my kitchen is clean already so that’s good. And I already cleaned the bathrooms a couple days ago

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I am done. Made breakfast, did dishes, laundry, took a shower and just finished vacuuming. Now just relaxing and on the web.

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I will be at mine all day :sob:

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Emptied and refilled dishwasher. Scrubbed down counters. Emptied rubbish bins. One load of laundry in the washer. Sort of made bed. Cut the watermelon and pineapple into chunks, bagged them, and they’re in the fridge. Just about to clean the cat tray and then I’m off to the dentist.

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My daughter tried that. Hard to sleep on a bed covered in dirty dishes.

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Yep! My Roomba is vacuuming for me while I’m browsing the internet.


Reminds me of when my inlaws lived with me. They did nothing and didn’t want to pay anything. I lost my shiz one day and dumped the trash in front of their rooms, forcing them to pick up unless they anted it to get in their room. That was after almost 3 years of them doing jack-all.


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