The Wednesday Adventure Club

So it’s a curious venture but we just had our second get together.

Order of business was that in a month in a different venue up the coast we’ll have another adventure.

I’m old. Soon to be 50 and the three other present members aren’t that much younger still. We get together on a Wednesday and we have some beer and eat some good food…

It’s a newish thing but I have started a facebook group. All present today have all moved sideways in life for various reasons. I’m the only disability pensioner but we are all out of the loop when it comes to conventional living. All three of my friends who turned up today have kids. I’m the only one without but I’ve led a different life…still. It’s nice to catch up with friends and we are starting a thing here.

Wednesday. Lunch. Some food and a couple of beers. Good company and a catch up. Not a bad life…


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