The Weather Channel Nursing Home 125 Years From Now

The Weather Channel has Jim Cantore along the coast where a 300 mph hurricane was hitting for the first time and inland where thundersnow was hitting in Maine. How do they do it? The Jim Cantores are automated.and at The Weather Channel Nursing Home in Miami in a building designed to withstand a 250 mph hurricane Mr. Cantore is watching on TV as he lived thanks to a half million dollar injection of a drug designed to keep him alive. The policy of the facility is to keep the men alive 300 years and the women alive for 150 years since they reasoned that the women don’t look too good past that point. The reason they keep them alive was for tourism and experiments designed to clone them which had yet to work quite right. None of the clones have wanted to be meteorologists so far. But a few of the women are models and one guy takes photos of clouds. They are still working on it. They spend their time reminiscing and teaching future meteorologists as they are able. The drugs don’t keep them from being too feeble to stand up as long as they did but their brains can still think pretty well. There are occasional bus tours to the Plains during tornado season for those who can still see and nurses take care of those who are losing their facilities. Once they are bedridden the drugs are discontinued. A trillionaire who is fascinated with the weather owns the facility.


sounds like it could make a really cool story, or maybr a cartoon or something :slight_smile:

There the brains lay on the table, craddled in soft moist fabric, their constant activity enters the computers, filling it with tales of 'the good ol’days of when they had a body connected to them to survive, entertaining those who believe it was once real.

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