The ways of wisdom in schizophrenia



Okay, we’re all stupid, we get it. Goddamn.


lol this is literally the stupidest thing ive ever seen. How do you “assess” someones wisdom? Apparently the person who designed this test was not very wise…


wisdom is essentially the ability to see the truth clearly which in fact id say is almost enhanced in schizophrenia because i think were usually more intuitive. I may be a bit dysfunctional according to the worlds standards but i am not stupid. Im different, and smart in my own way.


I would ask “What is wisdom and how does it differ from intelligence?”


I dont know. They’re definitely similar…i think wisdom is usually attributed more to the aged though…i think it sort of comes from experience and knowing how the world works…practical wisdom anyways. Intelligence i think is more the ability to problem solve in a more active way.

i think its the difference between fluid intelligence (“intelligence”) and crystallized intelligence (“wisdom”) maybe

the young are sensitive and the aged resolved

that being said, how can you even find compare the results of a test when one participant group (schizophrenics) are presumably traumatized to some extent or else actively hearing voices. How can someone focus on an assessment when their dealing with the torture of psychosis? The study does not take this into account. This is just bad science.


I think I’m fairly intelligent but I doubt I’m very wise.


Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad


That’s how we roll in San Diego yay yaaayeee!


one comes easy the other in slowly in thought. so why the poor score