The warmth of music

I have heard several of you love music. I encourage you to post a video or song of artists you like.

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The music was fine. The only think I got out of the lyrics was the word, “wine.”
If it is a question about wine, I would like to ask you if Israel makes wine because I love the Jews.

The lyrics are interesting. The music sounds like it is a copy of previous songs. I like the art and depth of the lyrics. However I don’t immediately understand. One thing that is very healthy is that the artist is not obsessive compulsive and also, perhaps, he is really not very concrete.
Forgive me?

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Um. I don’t know about the answer to that. But I can tell you that I used to love wine very much. Now I fear psychosis if I drink it. That might not happen but what if it does. Unfortunately the if is strong enough to deter me from my favourite past time drink. Amongst other reasons.

What do you like about the Jews?

Thank you so much for your understanding about dating. Yes, really, thank you.
If I love her I can still keep looking, right?
This is the first time anyone told me I could date someone who is not the one.

When this song came out I recall so well; I was going through a cancer scare as a 13 year old, with lymph nodes swelling(which I think is normal)… only bringing this up because the scare was arguably my first semblance of my delusion; a mixture of hope it was nothing, and fear it was something, acted on me to not seek closure? Secrets are weights on one’s mind, and I think a space somehow was created, filled first by an innocent actor, followed by one who maybe isn’t so innocent?

The song is touching to me because it makes me want to MOVE. And I was paralyzed!!!

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Right now I have a hold on and I can’t think well. But I will try.
I think it is true what you say, that wine is not permitted because of reactions for people with sz on an AP.
Is it our brain chemistry?
Wine is a source of great feeling for many people and I don’t think it is often over-used like in alcoholism. (That’s another topic.) Wine is a pass time drink for when you come home after a day at work and want to relax and feel good. It does cost money and I think it is mostly afforded by people with decent income.
Would you like to escalate this question?
About the Jews question in this thread, I was just trying to make something of the initial song that said almost nothing. That is a whole different question. The Jews told me that the price of Jewish blood is very high. It makes me think that in the world the suffering, and hence blood/ wine, is a severe commodity. I am over my head on this one.

Yea I’m one of those people that can like a song very much even if the words mean nothing important, just for its melody. I can’t remember the words fully of that specific song but it did say something about being accepted and acceptance feels good.

I think it is our brain chemistry yes, With regards to aps and drinking alcohol. Sad but true. Have to reshape my whole life thanks to that.

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@anon83141956 Thanks for listening so well to me and, I think, understanding me.

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I’m somewhat like this too. I find lyrics to be part of the music, and don’t always hear them correctly or pay full attention, I just like the way they sound.

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yea there are some really good tunes out there and often times i can’t be asked to pay attention to the lyrics because it is not clear. i should really be more attentive it might be nice to explore what musicians are actually expressing lyrically. like go on google and look up the words on a lyric website. sometimes i do that. though.

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Me too. In fact even after hearing the lyrics I need help determining what they mean. I know that determining the meaning for yourself is kind of the point, but sometimes I need some help.

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