The ward needs moderators

I am basically having people saying to me that I don’t have anything wrong with me

One told me this morning I shouldn’t be taking my medication because I don’t need it and fine the way I am

These types of things would get you suspended here if you were diagnosing other people and telling them to come off meds

Why are the other patients being so out of order to me?



The ward is a difficult place.

I was always excluded and treated differently when I was there.

Every time.

I present very well, am appreciative to staff, and, with very few exceptions, cooperative.

You just have to ignore the other patients and focus on yourself.

It’s difficult, but so is everything else, right?


My cleaning lady told me last week I have to get off meds. Plenty of people say it.


A woman invited herself to my flat today and I didn’t know what to say

She I will have to say no to somehow, as my parents said it’s a bad idea

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i take it as a compliment tbh Joker, i think its like i must be doing better than i thought if these people cant see that i’m unwell,

I think i’d probably say ‘you dont look that bad yourself’ or something, i think its nice. but you are obviously in there for a reason and just bc they cant see it on the surface doesn’t mean its not there.

she must think you are ok, i met my long term gf on the ward, we had a lot of good times but she is in there for a reason, what do you know about her?


Very little tbh. We have only chatted twice

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That’s the one positive thing about my brother and dad, they understand that I need my meds to function.


I said that to one patient when I was in hospital. She had self harm scars on both arms.

I would take what people say to you in hospital with a grain of salt.


@Joker, channel your inner Zombie and whenever they act up just think…WWZD? What would zombie do? Then speak accordingly.

Just because you’re on a ward doesn’t mean you have to let people push your buttons. Stand up for yourself by telling them to back off or just walk away from trouble makers.

You got this!


Did you share with them that you’re employed? A lot of people hear that about me and immediately start telling me I’ve been misdiagnosed. Nothing alienates like success in this community.


Thanks @anon4362788

@shutterbug yea I did say I worked. That might be part of it

A young woman just tried to shank a nurse in front of me it looked like that anyways

She was so quick I wasn’t able to react but they pulled her away fast and told me to move


Wth dude I hope everythings okay there. Keep us updated plZ


Don’t make them turn you into a punk. Wait, it’s in jail that happens. My bad. Jk :grin:

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There’s a little thing called opinion.

What makes opinion different from knowledge is that it’s a perception formed without all the facts. A guess If you will.

Many people have read nothing about sZ but still have their own guesses or opinions about how to cure it etc.

For me, if they haven’t read anything for 10 minutes on schizophrenia that opinion goes in the trash bin.

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I can’t believe you get your phone in there. That’s nice. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:


I’m with @Resilient1. It’s kind of a compliment and means you’re presenting very well. I mean wouldn’t the opposite be worse if you thought you were doing well and all the other patients were telling you were sick? When people tell you they think nothing is wrong with you just simply tell them the truth. Tell them you are aware that you look and sound well but you are really sick.

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Hm…sorry you are troubled by your fellow patients.

I was in a closed ward once, for the most severe patients. A lawyer stood waiting near the nurses office. I walked up there to get meds and he asked: “you are the doctor, I presume?” :smirk: It brightened my day, to be honest. I just came in mute and catatonic a day or two before.

Do see it like a compliment. But coming from people who are sick, and without a clue about your illness or medication need.

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