The war on ISIS and the war in afghanistan

this is kinda an ongoing ‘memory’ issue I find funny due to my own personal and local circumstances.

I have had a security clearance before, and understand IT work, so it is possible to monitor everything someone does on their PC at work. I was working at a defense contractor one time, and a guy was fired for using pornography in his office soon after I arrived on the job, an interesting coincidence… but another story.

anyway, ISIS is the acronym used for the University’s classess and billing, my ex husband and I are to pay 1/3rd of tuition in the divorce decree, and we fight constantly over money. So, the war on ISIS here locally is aying tuition for my 2 girls, here’s ISIS in Iowa

but there’s also an ISIS worldwide , very terrible, the war on ISIS

if I carry a smart phone, and I work for the government, then they could or would have a blip on a server somewhere showing my location on the globe. Google maps. Probably used for homeland security, to find terrorists, they’d have a phone for God’s sake, right! So, I have thought for quite sometime I’m on that map, has stressed me out somtimes, but I’ve gotten used to it now.

the war in afghanistan here locally is the war with the grandmothers over who gets time with the kids (Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4 weeks in the summer) is negotiated in a divorce, and then fought over constantly anyway in my situation. In Iowa, it’s popular activity here to crochet afghans.

most women in Iowa, stay home, crochet afghans. Its my war in afghanistan. I’m ‘out of place’ as a female executive here in Iowa, the local people here often think I’m nuts :smile:

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