The walls are caving in

Ok so I was decent enough to borrow a fellow sz with money and I got burnt for $420… I’ll let karma figure that one out… but now I got no money for the damage on my balcony… they want lots of money and I ain’t got nothing now… I hope I hear about this karma

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Sorry you got burnt, that has happened a few times with me. Tried to help people out, and they just stiff you

I’ve gotten a lot better at recognizing what is helpful, and what is just a poor decision

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I hope you didn’t borrow to a forum member. We advise against all offsite communication and that includes borrowing.


No I don’t know anybody on this site

I really wish I didn’t know anybody in the town I live in… I always think about moving to a town where nobody knows me

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sorry to hear that =/
I hope you got money soon again so you can pay for the damages.

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@JaBrown I have thought of moving somewhere where no one knows me, as well. Just completely start a new life, and be 100% myself. Outside society’s expectations

But then, I would miss my friends and people need me here.

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