The wake - a poem

Move on
There’s nothing to see
But my feet
Are riveted to the floor
My eyes seeing
How can I walk away
How can I avert my eyes
They are burning
Holes into skull
And my brain matter
Is trickling
Onto my ears
I can hear
Muffled voices
Among the screaming
And I realize
That my mouth is gaping open
Sounds like a screech
Are pushing through
My teeth
Are chattering
I can see my breath
Like consuming icicles
I force one step
And another
Each agonizing move
Bringing me closer
Minutes feel like hours
One more step
And I look down
At the body in a pool of blood
And the skull crushed
Mouth open without a sound
The face so familiar
Where have I seen her
My eyes meet her
Wide eyed stare
Looking up from where I lie
I’m in my cocoon
Everything goes silent
And I watch the zipper
Close over my head


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