The vortex/Black Hole

Trying to read everyone’s latest posts, but the images on the screen starts swirling around and around creating a black hole around a white border. I have music on, but the noise is being sucked into the hole and nothing is making sense to me any more. I start to feel like I’m being pulled into the vortex which is starting to make me feel more like its a black hole sucking everything in, stretching it around and around…

Mind isn’t getting much better this evening. I went to do some stuff on a few other sites and went to come back to this one, I took me three different clicks but I finally clicked on the right website…I think i’m going to call it a bit of a early night. I know, I know 1:15 am isn’t exactly early, but it is for me, lately anyway. I’m tired and just want to lay in bed until my mind shuts off for the night.


This speaks for me tonight. I hope you wake up feeling refreshed.


It can be your med side effect!!