The voices question

Hello, what do you think when the doctor asks you what the voices are saying? Do you dislike the question or not? Do you usually tell the doctor what they say? What do you tell them? (I’m curious). Thanks for input.

When I get put on the spot like that I usually forget. I don’t mind the question I just some times forget what they say and cant answer them completely truthfully. I’ll just say something common like how I always hear people shouting or whispering my name. I can never forget that one. But as soon as I leave I’ll remember everything again and it will be to late.

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Interesting, thank you. I tend to freeze up too, and end up saying something that was said to me months ago then saying the more fresh voices. Thank you for answering.

I don’t like the question. I don’t tell her everything they say. I’m afraid I will lose my driver’s license and job if she knows too much.


Thank you for your response. I’m afraid of that as well, but I still tell the doctor everything and he hasn’t taken anything away from me so far. I even asked him if he would take away my driver’s license and he said he doesn’t have the power to do that, which I think isn’t true. But I wish you good luck in your endeavors with your doctor!

I don’t like it when I tell the doctor the things I hear, and he writes it all down!!! Yikes!

Mine hardly ever asked me what they were saying. A constant stream of insults and threats. Fun times

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Thank you mortimermouse, fun times indeed. Hope all is well for you!

Not sure what state your in, but in CA, it’s true, the doc can’t pull your license. What they can do however, is notify DMV if they feel you your mental state might cause you to not be safe enough to drive, and then DMV will notify you to come in and retake the driving test to verify you are able to drive safely. Truthfully, anyone can anonymously “tell” DMV you are not safe to drive and they will have to retest you. If they make a false report though (they have to give their name, it’s just “anonymous” to you) they can lose their license and get fined and/or jail time. DMV takes into consideration your driving record as well. They don’t want to stop everybody from driving (less money for them) They are only interested in stopping those who don’t recognize they are too unsafe to drive and drive anyway, rather than use an alternate (until they are safe again) route to travel.

A brand new Doc just last week asked me the “do you hear voices/what do they tell you?” question. I was so taken off guard I just said that I always hear voices. She insisted on asking what do they say, but I didn’t know her well enough to tell her anything and changed the subject.

Wow, great insight into that topic! Thanks for sharing! I’m not in CA, but Michigan, so it might be different for me, but gosh, that sounds like you have to be quite careful on how you present yourself and what you say.

Thanks for your input to the original question too, they always find it so fascinating about what the voices say. Interesting that you felt so taken aback by her question too. I sometimes feel like the voices will yell at me if I tell the doctor what they say. Hope you’re well, csummers, thanks.

Sorry for so much to read on the last post.
A shorter version:
Do you have enough insight to know your not safe to drive, and do you use common sense to not drive until you do feel safe enough to drive? If you can answer yes to both questions, DMV is happy, you keep your license.

Most everybody has bad days for whatever reason, the trick is having the insight to stop yourself from getting behind the wheel until you are safe enough to drive.
Everyone wants to arrive home safely after they have been out.

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Thanks, Sometimes I question whether or not I should drive, and I will, and will proceed with caution. Drive slowly, check mirrors. I tell the doctor I’m safe to drive, and he says “Okay, if you say you’re safe, then you are”. If I felt really that bad then maybe I would ask my housemate to drive me, but it has never gotten to that point yet. Thanks csummers. :smile:

Its not that I like or dislike the question. My voices tell me that i’m not allowed to tell others what they say or they’ll hurt me.

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Thanks for replying, I feel the same way. But they sure want to know, and my doctor once asked me how could they help me if I don’t tell him what the voices say? Stay strong simonet, you’re great I’m sure!

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A couple of years ago that question would have made all of my muscles tense up and I would have experienced intense agitation. Probably because I wouldn’t have been able to spit out every terrible word they’ve ever said to me at once.

Now, the question doesn’t bother me. I usually like to share my experience.

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I dislike the question, as I tried ti do a voice diary but added so much of my own interpretation rather than saying verbatim what they said. I’ve done one since but I don’t like it, they speak so much nonsense only I can understand them and I don’t want the looks that come with saying what they say. I’ll mention in snippets what they say, particularly if it’s distressing me because normally these are command hallucinations or something particularly bizarre is being repeated. But generally no I feel it’s too dangerous to either me or the person I’m talking to.

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i don’t mind the question at all. i share with my pdoc openly. he’s a nice guy and doesn’t even force me to take meds. sometimes i do forget and they say a bunch of stuff, and it comes back to me after the meeting is finished.

my voices tell me to kill myself but i mostly ignore them.

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I don’t mind the question as much as I used to… but my doc knows how hard I’ve been working to ignore my voices and how I’ve been trying to block them out that he hasn’t asked me that in a long time. I have more problems with some of my paranoia and other things going on right now, that the voices are sort of the least of my problems right now.

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Just say the voices told me " ‘Your wife knows’, along with where to take pictures to back it up, whatever all that means doc .".


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