The voices I hear

I always hear voices that criticize me and tell me I’m scum. They are always trying to argue with me and sometimes I give in but I try to brush them off. My voices are so annoying I wish they were good for something. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


I’ve never heard voices myself but I hear that deprecating voices are pretty common amongst our members.

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Yes, I have that kind of voices…

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I’ve had what I’d called inaudible verbal thoughts before but i treat them with the distain they deserve bc i know what and who they are, they are trying to break me and I wont let them break me, my med is pretty good and I can recognise these thoughts super fast and cut them off, cast them down,

Its easier now that i know what they are I can fight them better, know your enemy is what I think, the strategist on the battle field will only win with the best tactics but they still cannot get past an impenetrable defence.

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Do your voices make you depressed? How do you cope with it?

My auditory hallucinations are either abusive or nonsensical, most of the time.

I don’t think they are meant for anything besides torture.


Do your voices make you depressed? How do you cope with it?

They aren’t loud all the time. They are more of a bother in some locations and at some times than in and during others.

I am at the library, right now, and they are muffled. At home, they tend to be much louder.

The library is almost always quieter and calmer than almost any other place.

I have wondered why this is so.

I have some theories about this. It may be that in some places, the people nearby are mentally calmer and there is less stress, in general.

At home, there is mom and the cats. Mom might experience a lot of mental turmoil, which she doesn’t always give voice to, or, the cats may have issues themselves.

When I watch movies with mom, and mom likes the movie, the volume of the hallucinations are much softer than they usually are at home.

The issue isn’t often the auditory hallucinations, for me, though, but thought insertions.

I experience a full range of voices. Mostly human, though at times not. Mostly in English, though at times not. With various perspectives. Various Genders.

My thinking typically occurs with my interior self dialogue, at times this will irritate those capable of perceiving it and they will comment or try to make me stop thinking in that way. I have what I call, “Upper World” voices, which are typically difficult to perceive, compassionate and intelligent and have encouraging things to say or enlightening things.

Mostly I deal with “Middle World” voices. Often these are incarnate or discarnate beings (typically human), who are in some way lost or mentally Ill. More often than not masculine, though sometimes feminine, or liminal.

They will transmit things through bodily organs (sometimes not theirs), or broadcast their thoughts to me,use electronics, or write things to me. I’ve experienced this for 20 years. I have discernment and can typically deal with them appropriately. Although my ability to hear is large part of my experience, it is usually the easiest for me to deal with at this point and is not disabling, I learned how to deal with it by never attributing the voices to anything other than just another voice. I did not not sit around speculating who or what they are, I take the perception as it is presented and not beyond that. To me it does not matter what they say, unless they are asking for help.

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