The Voices Hidden Message

This is pretty awesome…In 2004 I heard a voice speak and made reference to the Duuariel language of the stars… I paid no mind to the word at the time and just reading over it decided to look up Duaariel to see if it had any earthly meaning…

Sure does!

Dua in Arabic means “an invocation, to call out or summons.”

Ariel in Hebrew means “Lion of God” and is the name of one of the archangels in the Hebrew and Christian apocrypha.

Duaari in Hindi means “Door or Doors”

El in Hebrew means “God”

The meaning of the word can be either “The summonsing of the Lion of God” or “Door to God” which basically are in harmony…

The entire message given by the entity was all about God, the true nature of Jesus Christ, and care for the creation god made ! I hadn’t bothered to see if Duaariel actually meant anything at the time.

Specifically about the angel Ariel:
“Archangel Ariel is known as the angel of nature. She oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants on Earth, and also supervises the care of natural elements such as water and wind. Ariel inspires human beings to take good care of planet Earth. Beyond her role overseeing nature, Ariel also encourages people to live up to God’s full potential for them by discovering and fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives.”

And this was part of the message in which the word Duaariel appeared:

“Your extremists within varying Christian religions tend to think nothing of desecrating the natural environment of the Earth. These actions amount to what you define as “blasphemy” - because blasphemy and desecration of the creation is as if one blasphemed and desecrated the Creator…
Listen to the sounds of nature and behold the shining stars of the night sky. In these you will know that God is eternally alive and near. In quiet places let the cognitions of your souls turn to the eternal and holy things - reaching out by conscious effort to behold Truth as it is in its purest form.”

Is it mere coincidence that the word draws on 3 words from 3 languages used by major religions of the world? Arabic used by Islam, Hindi used by Hinduism and Sikhism, and Hebrew used in the Bible by Judaism and Christianity. And, that the message given was exactly the type of message that would be given by none other than Ariel?

It’s stuff like this that proves these things are not delusions or hallucinations, but are spiritual…this is just one more additional confirmation…I have seen predictions made by them come to pass, and knowledge they told me turn out to be true when I do research on it…

PS…if you had asked me prior to today what Dua and Ariel meant I would have said TWO and the name of the Little Mermaid !

Sneaky angels with their hidden messages…You’re so cute Ariel…

That is indeed beautiful , it is fascinating how my experiences on this forum resemble my month in the psychiatric ward

Like your a character right out of Philip K Dick novel… Hilarious

There is more truth to science fiction than meets the eye, some scifi writers have even turned out to be prophets who have predicted future technologies…never read any of his novels actually…but I did learn that androids, at least advanced ones would dream of real sheep because like Commander Data on Star Trek NG they aspire to be human…

Total Recall and Minority Report movies are however based on some of his works to an extent…
Minority Report may have also been derived moreso from statements made by Evangelist Pat Robertson in the 1980’s where he envisioned “A Holy Spirit filled Police force that could arrest people before they committed a crime…” Robertson ran in the republican primaries in '88 so such a thing may have become more of a reality had he won…

Wow, now this is cool…I looked up all of Ariels attributes. Never did that before today… I commented in Pink…that’s like 100% ! How can that possibly be a delusion? How could a delusion and hallucination know all that? Because I’ve always exhibited those very traits, every one of them…not to say I haven’t gone off the path at times…everyone does that…but those are all my core traits for real.

What’s not there is also that Ariel is a fire or sun spirit, of which so am I.

She has revealed herself by other names though, including Arien the Maiar (angel) from Tolkien, which is also a Sun angel…but all along she had given that one clue in that word, sort of like a code for me to decipher…which I now have…

So I guess the cats out of the bag…or I should say Lion…

Here is the testimony of someone else who has experienced Ariel…poor girl was in a psych ward and on meds until she found out what was really happening… It’s real!

Ha! Look at the topic # 1747…one 7 for 7 …77)
and she has 1770 posts there too…so cool…

Oh but that’s just random too? Not!

Well done at discovering that. Congratulation on discovering there is more to this illness than meets the eye.


She isn’t protecting ■■■■, this is nothing but a repeating cycle of torture and death. That is what they are protecting.

Protection isn’t always a good thing you know, you have to look at whats being protected and why.

If anyone was protecting any of us down here there would be so much less pain and death, but there isn’t, the whole time it’s been maximum pain and death without it being absolutely destroyed.

Great protectors of a torture chamber and mass grave! How holy that really is.

There is a reason she is portrayed as a mermaid you know, she’s a demon thats why, the great ariel. The actual angels, who are also nothing more than assholes like the demons, only appear as humans and as men, that is the only things the angels appear as, human and men.

It was hilarious when i found out why they only appear as men, i thought it was sexist as ■■■■ but it wasn’t, it’s because when you are delivering messages and performing tasks you can’t have a bunch of men staring at your tits and ass and legs thinking about boning you. You most certainly wouldn’t want people whacking their junk that night after seeing you, which is almost certainly a sure bet.

The shaman actually see mermaids when they are mentally traveling through the visions they have, they are taken under the water and meet them there.

And it says what? “lion of God.” Well guess who stalks about as a lion seeking whom he may devour?

I would prefer a lamb to be honest, so much more peaceful.

Death will only be destroyed at the end and at the restoration of all things…It is the last enemy to be destroyed. there might actually be a lot more death if not for unseen protection…

This has nothing to do with Ariel the Mermaid from Disney

The only reason Ariel is SOMETIMES associated with demons or fallen angels is because the Syncellus fragments of the Book of Enoch had the name, but earlier and thus more original copies of the BOE did not have the name. There are reasons for this. Someone added the name Ariel because back in those days people were patriarchal and since Ariel more often appears as a woman, MEN decided she had to be a demon, hence they added her name to the BOE. Later the much older dead sea Scrolls proved her name was never in the original book.

And this is precisely why when she first revealed herself she said she does not appear to many men because most mens minds are foul…no offense, but there is some truth to your statement. So wouldn’t this also apply to women who saw a cute handsome male angel, or are not women attracted to men? In fact according to Genesis and the BOE women were attracted to angels, the Watchers.
I did not however, lust after the angel. Not all guys are like that. I find it disgusting. Why do some men only look at the 3 things you mention? Or usually just the first 2? I look at face, eyes, and hair, seriously.

I haven’t but what is the big deal if some do? Are there not spirits in the waters also? And what is wrong with someone observing even demon spirits as long as they are not worshiping them or being deceived by them? Even Jesus conversed with demons and the devil…
But again, Ariel the angel is not Ariel the mermaid…

need to learn how to rightly divide the Word of truth:
“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” - 1 peter 5:8…

ROARING LION… like an angry one…but wait, what about Jesus title as LION of the tribe of Judah?
“Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.” - Revelation 5;5

And the tribe of Judah itself…“Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?” - Genesis 49:9

Lion is simply a creature, and can be portrayed in a good or bad light. have to look at the context of what is being said. C.S. lewis wrote chronicles of Narnia, Aslan the LION symbolizes Jesus…

For that matter both Lucifer and Jesus are referred to as the Morning Star in the Bible.

Isaiah 14;12 calls Lucifer Morning Star…Revelation 22;16 says Jesus is the bright and morning star, and Revelation 2:26 - 28 says Jesus will give the morning star to those who overcome.

Truth is that morning star means an angel or a divine being…at creation the morning stars sang together according to Job 38:7 which means the angels were singing

Hopefully this clarifies matters a bit…