The voices attack me when I smoke cigarettes

As soon as I go out into the garage light up and put my music on the voice starts assaulting me and then visuals happen of horrible things I don’t want to see. It’s like clockwork. When I finish and come in it goes away.

I never thought I’d be quitting cigarettes to eliminate hallucinations. I guess I have to quit. Happy I’m on Welbutrin, I’ll start now, I’ve only had six cigarettes in the last two days and that is really low for me.

Is it normal for cigarettes to inflame sz? There’s no psychoactive component right? Can nicotine do that to you?

Nicotine calms smokers. I don’t think it triggers psychosis. Maybe it raises dopamine?

There was a post awhile back about how ‘voices’ were in fact what you expect to hear, rather than being anything other worldly or similar.

Perhaps, you subconsciously want to give up smoking due to the negative feedback one hears from loved ones and in main stream media. This has subconsciously created a voice that represents this, and if so, the voices are being what you expect to hear and the study was true. :wink:

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